Thursday, December 31, 2009

Way to go Deputy Hawes...

If you were here on Monday night, you know what a great detective we have in house. Our very own, Sherri, proved herself quite helpful as the police were swarming the building. She went right outside and asked one of the officers "is there something going on that we should know about"? Of course his response was "Yes, get back in the building, lock the doors, and don't let anyone in". As she turned to head back in the building she realized she was locked out! Thank goodness Allison was brave enough to open the door and let her back in. As it turned out, the bank right behind our store had been robbed at gunpoint and the police and their dogs were out looking for him. At this point they haven't caught the suspect yet...perhaps they need to sign Sherri up on the police force!!!!

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