Friday, December 12, 2014

Magnolia Stamps 


In the last year I have had the opportunity to make several cards with this line of stamps.  They have grown on me and I have to say I think they've become my favorite line.
The quality is good and the images are so sweet - OOOOOhhhhhhhhh so cute.  It is hard to give them away; ever card seems to speak to me (even though the baby has no mouth).
ONLY those really, really special people get one of these.
You know what I mean if you color with Copic markers.

Below you will find a few of the cards I've created over the last year using the Magnolia Stamps...


Sassy is your place to get Magnolia stamps...

...come see me today to make your order.

~ Julie ~

Monday, November 3, 2014

You might LIKE it!!!!

If you lived through the 70's as I did, you probably remember the little boy pictured above. He came to my mind as I started writing this entry.

You see his name is Mikey.  His brothers figured that they would get him to try this "NEW" cereal cause he hates everything.  It turned out he liked it.  The Life cereal commercial became very popular in my early days, I remember it well.  I can even recall the saying that made this little boy famous.

What about you, do you remember?  I bet you do.....

..... "Hey, HE LIKES it.  Mikey, likes it."

See you do remember.

Well that being said I tried something "new" in October.  It's not a new cereal or anything like that.  I generally develop my photo prints just like everyone else - the same 4X6 prints each and every time.  However, for the OCT. LOTM I wanted to do something out of the ordinary.  Check it out.
I had my pictures printed in both color and black/white.  The color prints I added a graduated white boarder.

 - than I trimmed the bright area off and used BLACK paper to mat them on my page.  

The effect was perfect and I got just the look I wanted to achieve.

 You could say, "Hey, JULIE LIKES it,  She, really likes it."

You never know - try something NEW - step out you might just like it.

~ Julie ~

Sunday, September 7, 2014


How do you say it ???  In my book it really doesn't matter.  Tomato - To-motto.

Those Critters are on the move at Sassy Scrapper and I want you to see it first HERE.

The technique of pulling and/or ripping apart homemade mulberry paper to achieve a furry look is now on the calender for a SEPTEMBER Workshop.

SEPTEMBER 20th  @ 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. we will learn about Mulberry paper, how to tear it, brush it and ink it.  I will help you create and assemble your critters to make a 2 page layout with each one: a Bear, a Crow and a Reign Deer.  You will also get my personal drawing of the pattern.  I made these patterns myself so that you can have it after the workshop is completed.

This workshop will be a great opportunity to get your hands on the extra thick mulberry paper, to play, and have fun.  I'm so excited to share these critters and everything mulberry.  I think they are some of my best yet.  I can't wait for you to see them.     SCROLL DOWN

#1) School Time Bear - it is a versatile 2 page layout that can be used for school days or "What's Cookin?"  Here we will start with head and face to get a fun cute affect for any bear or critter. You will learn to make the chalk board and it's frame.

#2) FALL FUN - another versatile 2 page layout that can be used for  the pumpkin patch, fall leaves, or a trip to papa's house (like mine).  Here we will learn how to alter chipboard to look like a fence rail. We will also work with the black mulberry paper (never done before at Sassy) using cat eye inks. We'll also focus on those cute eyes, noes and toes.

#3) Avoid CHRISTMAS tree branch CALAMITY -  another fun very versatile 2 page layout that can be used in whatever the event for Christmas.  I chose MY tree branch calamity.  We will work with the mulberry paper and I'll show you how to mimic a soft look, the effects of different colors of cat eye ink and the overall change in the mulberry paper.  We will also create a string of Christmas lights and a tree with your personal story of a Christmas Calamity (or not).

IF YOU live anywhere - here OR there - somewhere near Murfreesboro OR not BUT you are interested in this WORKSHOP.

CALL THE STORE ASAP (615)898-0050.  Space is limited.

Thanks again for  letting me share the fun.

~ Julie ~

Paper Moves People!!!!

Meet Charles.
He is one of Sassy Scrapper's Good Customers.
(Used with his permission)

Mr. Charles Clary is an amazing artist who lives and works right here in Murfreesboro, TN.

One day Mr. Charles Clary came into Sassy Scrapper to purchase Bazzill colored cardstock.  His request was seemingly normal, at first.  He had an eye for color and his combinations were amazing.  A few months went by and he came back to make another purchase.  Again, only 12x12 Bazzill cardstock, solid colors in very large quantities.  This went on for quite a while.

In our world of scrapbook paper it's not unusual for people to purchase just PAPER;
it speaks to them and they buy it.

However, Mr. Clary's purchase peeked my interest.  What made his purchase so mysterious was the grand vast quantities and the fact that it was ALL PLAIN.  He made no other purchases; ONLY cardstock and nothing else.  What was he doing with so much cardstock?  Was he squirreling it away, saving it for a rainy day or maybe preparing for the great scrapbook apocalypse.

What ever the reason, I just had to know -
"WHAT are YOU doing with ALL THIS CARDSTOCK????"
He was so gracious to explain that he layered it, cut it and made art.

I didn't get the just of it until I seen his pictures.

You can learn more about Mr. Charles Clary and all that he is creating on HIS web site

Please check it out and support one of our own,
HOME TOWN artists.

Thanks Charles for allowing us to share.

~ Julie ~

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Altered Books and Mixed Media

Happy 60th/70th Birthday Mom and Dad

In June I took a trip with my son to Michigan and played a part in the grand surprise of my parents 60th and 70th Birthday Party.  My sister hosted a wonderful party for family and friends.  It was an incredible time to see all of our people together in one place.  My brother and his family came from South Carolina and my son and I from here (Tennessee).  My other brother who also lives in Michigan met us at our sister's beautiful lake home.


We pulled it off and mom and dad where none the wiser.  With 3 of us kids being military, it was the first time in nearly 20 years that all of us were in the same place at the same time. Mom/Dad just could not believe their eyes.  We spent the weekend enjoying each others company like old times, reminiscing and telling stories.  The cousins played hard and long.  It was wonderful.
All of that being said I wanted to encourage you to spend time with those you love.
TELL THE STORY... If you don't who will.

The altered book shown above is one of mom/dad's gifts I made.  It started out with simple pictures of their life. However, we quickly discovered that pictures were limited - MOM had them.  So the book evolved, as these things often do, into the History of a LIFE-TIME for over the past 60/70 years.

My son and I had an amazing time doing the research and putting the book together.  We learned about all the things that cover a LIFE-TIME.  He asked all kinds of questions and learned about the eras of cars, hair styles, clothing, technology and the inventions.  His grandma and grandpa seen a lot; even the FIRST man walk on the moon.  Then he asked if grandpa was around when the light bulb was invented.  I had to laugh and explain that grandpa was NOT that old.
Pictures below are a few of the pages...
HOW Things CHANGE - Do you remember any of these??
One of the "Remember WHEN" pages.
50's Inventions - EVER used any of these things???
Again I urge you "TELL YOUR STORY"

I am now working on my husbands mother and father's eras dating back to the 20's.

THINK about it...


Monday, June 30, 2014

In Loving MEMORY of Mrs. Bonnie Lees

(a great friend and customer of Sassy Scrapper)

I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to a friend and customer who once shared with me a beautiful handkerchief folded card and how she made it.

Mrs. Bonnie brought a beautiful card to Sassy Scrapper one afternoon which was made out of the OZ Graphic 45 paper line.  She was kind enough to share with me how she made it and left a folded example along with her card to use in our display.

If you knew Mrs. Bonnie, you know that she loved to make cards and made many in her lifetime.  She  included everyone who wanted to make cards or stamp at her table.  Her attitude was positive and she had a great outlook on life in general.

Up until last month I'd never tried to make one of those handkerchief cards. It intimidated me just a little bit and it looked to hard to teach in a basic card class.  

My step-mother's 60th Birthday party was the first part of June and I needed something very special that would make her feel and know how much she's loved.  The handkerchief card was it.  I learned rather quickly that it wasn't as difficult as I made it out to be.  I worked hard to master the fold than shared it with our "Graphic 45 Cards (FOLD)" class that meets monthly at Sassy Scrapper.
 I used the Graphic 45 French Country paper, added some fussy cut flowers and a bird, popped a sentiment and wa-la.

Mom absolutely loved the card and I know she will cherish it forever.  

Thanks to a great person who loved to make cards.

~ Julie ~

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It all began...

...when I was asked to teach a class - A Copic Marker class.  I'm a sucker for that question because I love to share with others the things that I've learned. I caved - and today lovingly blame this crazy coloring addiction on Mrs. Mary.

One of my 1st Cards.

When she asked me to teach I had no idea what to do with the markers let alone how to teach someone else how to use them. I read all the information I could get my hands on and watched videos until my eyes crossed. When I touched the markers for the first time it felt like when I was a little girl.  I was taken back to the days when I colored with crayons, colored pencils and Crayola markers. WOW!! What an experience.

Than for my birthday in June 2011, I received my first Copic Marker Set - the pretty black anniversary ones. I fell so hard and so fast - it was hook line and sinker, really bad.

Today, that all seems to be a life-time and many markers ago and in some scenes it was.

Today, I color regularly and teach classes and LOVE every minute. I wouldn't have it any other way.

As a little girl I loved to color but now as a big girl I think I enjoy it even more.
Every time I buy a NEW marker it is like getting a new box of Crayons.
My markers are always increasing and the joy I have is contagiously overflowing.


...Copic Workshop


June 28th

Please call the store (615)898-0050 to sign up.
The cost is $65.00 for the day.
A $35 non-refundable deposit is required at sign up.

We will meet at the Clarion here in Murfreesboro, and begin promptly at 9 a.m. and conclude at 4 p.m. with lunch around noon or so.
I will share MY joy for the colors with you during the day.

I know you too will love the markers and find that once you begin you will never want to stop.
Come color with me,

~ Julie ~

Coloring MY world with Copic Markers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you a card Maker??

In the past years I've learned to be one.

I have a wonderful product for you.

We are making a lot of cards here at Sassy.
Toppers make them much easier and faster.
So I wanted to share with you one of them that uses
a FlowerSoft Card Topper.
What is FlowerSoft you ask????
Well, let me tell you.
FlowerSoft is a product that is flocking.
The company has designed beautiful card tops
that are so simple to impliment into your own work.
My card top is below.  
My husband liked this one cause it made him feel like he was in the country.
The FlowerSoft is on the pink flowering tree and the greenery in the back area.
It's amazingly simple to use.
Put the glue where you want the FlowerSoft, 
slightly tap it with your finger.
Let it dry and walla you have a beautiful card top.
My finished card - SIMPLE.
OK there is one more I want to share.
FlowerSoft also has a 3D image
that you just cut apart.
Use pop dots to adhere to back,
glue the FlowerSoft on
and Walla you are done.
Take a look.
I liked this one - it has less fussy cutting.
My finished card - SIMPLE. 
I hope you have enjoyed this
glimps into my Card world.
Sassy Scrapper has all the supplies you need to do these cards and many more.
Come see us - We'll leave the "OPEN" sign on for you.
~  Julie ~

Monday, March 31, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail 

Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail 

Hip-pity Hop, Hip-pity Hop

Easters on It's Way... 

Today, I want to share with you what I've been working on for one of my classes this month of April.  It was inspired by the little Easter song "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail".
One of my classes wanted to do a tear Bunny with Eggs.
Here it is.........

While working on the Layout some memories, old memories were stirred up and took me back to days gone by.

Do your layouts take you back? Do they stir emotions and memories? They should.

I remember that as a child, everyone in our family got new cloths for Easter Sunday, there was candy by the bucket loads and of course eggs - boiled, painted and pickled. My sister loved the pickled eggs while my brothers could not stand the smell let alone the thought of eating a purple/red egg. 
These thoughts make me smile.

What did you do in your family traditions at this time of the year?  Think about it - do you remember a song, a smell, something out of the ordinary or maybe just the ordinary?

Write it down.

"Tell your story - If you don't who will?" Mary Kumpf

Looking forward to Easter and Spring - April 20th this year.

~ Julie ~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

10 Things I LOVE about TN

Creating and Designing and Telling the Story

For the last 4 years my whole outlook on scrapbooking has evolved - thanks to my boss, co-worker and friend Mrs. Mary. She tells her story like no other person I know.  She's been an inspiration and encouragement for me to step out of my comfort zone and write.  If you have ever been to a retreat with her you know that she carries what seems to be 50 lbs. of journals, pictures, notes and pens/pencils.  Yes, she does scrapbook but her joy is the story and she can tell it.
Her most famous words,
"If you don't tell the story - WHO will?"
So I am writing it down...

10 THINGS I LOVE about Tennessee

1.) Family N Friends
Being here is a central location to all my family and I have a wonderful friend.

2.) Mild Weather
Tennessee weather is great. I love being able to plant flowers and the garden before JUNE.
3.) Central Time Zone
Tennessee Time Zones help us keep in touch with our family in the waking hours.
  4.) Old Barns
If these old buildings could speak - oh the stories they'd tell of days gone by and people who once made them part of their lives. They make beautiful picture ops and time and again they take me back to days of yesterday.
5.) Barbecue and Cole Slaw
This is one meal that I never had in MI but love the simplicity of it and oh it is good stuff.

6.) Dogwood Trees
This is my favorite flowering tree.

 7.) TN Hills
The hills are alive - amazing in every season all year long. I love to drive through them, hike them and just look at them. The beauty reveals the Awe and majesty of our great creator.

8.) Spring Flowers
Every year I wait for the spring flowers to pop through the earth. These yellow ones always scream to me "SPRING is on its way".

9.) Fall Colors
My MOST favorite time of the year is FALL. Every tree is different and beautiful in it's own way and I would take pictures of them all if I could.
10.) GREATest Scrapbook Store
We are so blessed here in middle Tennessee to have one of the states few remaining scrapbook stores where I have the greatest job ever.  Come see us - we'd love to share your stories and photos.

So there you have it - 10 THINGS I LOVE about Tennessee.
NOW your challenge - make a layout of the 10 THINGS you LOVE about your state.
Take a picture of it and post it.
Have a happy day!
Always designing and creating.
~ Julie ~