Sunday, September 7, 2014


How do you say it ???  In my book it really doesn't matter.  Tomato - To-motto.

Those Critters are on the move at Sassy Scrapper and I want you to see it first HERE.

The technique of pulling and/or ripping apart homemade mulberry paper to achieve a furry look is now on the calender for a SEPTEMBER Workshop.

SEPTEMBER 20th  @ 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. we will learn about Mulberry paper, how to tear it, brush it and ink it.  I will help you create and assemble your critters to make a 2 page layout with each one: a Bear, a Crow and a Reign Deer.  You will also get my personal drawing of the pattern.  I made these patterns myself so that you can have it after the workshop is completed.

This workshop will be a great opportunity to get your hands on the extra thick mulberry paper, to play, and have fun.  I'm so excited to share these critters and everything mulberry.  I think they are some of my best yet.  I can't wait for you to see them.     SCROLL DOWN

#1) School Time Bear - it is a versatile 2 page layout that can be used for school days or "What's Cookin?"  Here we will start with head and face to get a fun cute affect for any bear or critter. You will learn to make the chalk board and it's frame.

#2) FALL FUN - another versatile 2 page layout that can be used for  the pumpkin patch, fall leaves, or a trip to papa's house (like mine).  Here we will learn how to alter chipboard to look like a fence rail. We will also work with the black mulberry paper (never done before at Sassy) using cat eye inks. We'll also focus on those cute eyes, noes and toes.

#3) Avoid CHRISTMAS tree branch CALAMITY -  another fun very versatile 2 page layout that can be used in whatever the event for Christmas.  I chose MY tree branch calamity.  We will work with the mulberry paper and I'll show you how to mimic a soft look, the effects of different colors of cat eye ink and the overall change in the mulberry paper.  We will also create a string of Christmas lights and a tree with your personal story of a Christmas Calamity (or not).

IF YOU live anywhere - here OR there - somewhere near Murfreesboro OR not BUT you are interested in this WORKSHOP.

CALL THE STORE ASAP (615)898-0050.  Space is limited.

Thanks again for  letting me share the fun.

~ Julie ~

Paper Moves People!!!!

Meet Charles.
He is one of Sassy Scrapper's Good Customers.
(Used with his permission)

Mr. Charles Clary is an amazing artist who lives and works right here in Murfreesboro, TN.

One day Mr. Charles Clary came into Sassy Scrapper to purchase Bazzill colored cardstock.  His request was seemingly normal, at first.  He had an eye for color and his combinations were amazing.  A few months went by and he came back to make another purchase.  Again, only 12x12 Bazzill cardstock, solid colors in very large quantities.  This went on for quite a while.

In our world of scrapbook paper it's not unusual for people to purchase just PAPER;
it speaks to them and they buy it.

However, Mr. Clary's purchase peeked my interest.  What made his purchase so mysterious was the grand vast quantities and the fact that it was ALL PLAIN.  He made no other purchases; ONLY cardstock and nothing else.  What was he doing with so much cardstock?  Was he squirreling it away, saving it for a rainy day or maybe preparing for the great scrapbook apocalypse.

What ever the reason, I just had to know -
"WHAT are YOU doing with ALL THIS CARDSTOCK????"
He was so gracious to explain that he layered it, cut it and made art.

I didn't get the just of it until I seen his pictures.

You can learn more about Mr. Charles Clary and all that he is creating on HIS web site

Please check it out and support one of our own,
HOME TOWN artists.

Thanks Charles for allowing us to share.

~ Julie ~