Sunday, June 20, 2010

All I Can Say is WOW...

What a wonderful first day we had at the new location on Medical Center Parkway. We opened the doors at 9 a.m. to 22 excited ladies who were cropping for the day. The new store is FABULOUS with a HUGE crop space and PLENTY of good lighting. Each day there will be more and more supplies being delivered so stop in frequently to check out the progress. All of us Sassy Girls look forward to seeing you at both locations.

On a sadder note, for those of you who know and love Lee, she is mourning the loss of her dad to cancer. He lost his battle last Monday and I pray you will keep Lee and her family in your prayers. I know from my own experience of just losing my daughter-in-law in February, what a difficult time this will be for her. Cancer "stinks" and I pray someday they will find a cure for this terrible disease.

What a week I had last week. My hubby and I decided to take the three grandchildren camping. We headed out Monday morning to Cedars of Lebanon State Park thinking we would get our campsite all set up and then go jump in the pool. To our surprise, the pool was closed on Monday. It was SO hot so we went back to the camper and just hung out in the air-conditioning. Around dinner time it was still very hot and they all complained about having to eat outside...we were camping, for heavens sake!
Okay, so Tuesday will be better, hopefully. We head to the pool again and guess is closed on Tuesdays too. What a bummer. It is the middle of summer. Why is a pool CLOSED? So guess what we did...back to the camper to play games and sit inside in the air-conditioning again. Wednesday we did get to swim and stayed at the pool most of the day. Thursday morning after breakfast we decided to start cleaning up some of our stuff to head home. All of a sudden it got pitch dark and started pouring down rain. Oh great. So now we are all back in the camper and nobody is very happy. We waited the rain out, closed down our pop-up camper and headed home with everything soaking wet. Got home and the kids were having a fit because we had to set everything back up again to dry out. They just didn't understand that part. I thought camping was supposed to be fun and relaxing.
Oh well, it all turned out good because while we set the camper back up the three kids cleaned the car inside and out! And to our surprise, they did a great job. I guess everything turned out just fine after all. All's well that ends well!!!

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