Saturday, August 14, 2010

Special Tribute

As most of you who have been with us for some time know, we lost two very special people in our Sassy Family this year. In February, Brenda lost her beautiful daughter-in-law to cancer and in June Lee’s daddy lost his battle as well. We have all felt the loss of these family members as we continue to love and console our fellow workers who are also our dearest friends.

It is with those heartfelt emotions that Sassy has decided to offer a Tribute gift to honor both Sandy and Mr. Maynard.

On September 11, Lee and her family will be participating in “Sherry’s Run” in Lebanon** in honor of her father. We are inviting you as part of our Sassy Family to make a donation to “TEAM MAYNARD” to express your joy, gratitude or sympathy in someone’s honor. We will have the donation forms at both stores, Memorial and Medical where you are welcome to pick them up.

BUT THAT”S NOT ALL!!! If you come to either store, complete your donation form and leave your check with us . . . SASSY WILL MATCH ALL FUNDS THAT ARE DONATED!!!

As most of you know, we did not travel to Chicago this year for CHA as I felt the economy was just not supportive to that kind of expense, particularly since we were just opening our new location. But now, I feel that God had something else in mind with our CHA monies. I count it a privilege to make this challenge to each of you as we, together, honor these two very special ladies!! I thank you in advance for you support . . . your donation will definitely make a difference in the lives of area cancer patients!!

**** In addition to the fundraising, Lee is designing a special layout honoring those special people in our lives. Whether it be family/friends who we are still able to love and care for or special persons who left us much too soon, this layout is both beautiful and touching and a must for everyone’s album!! It will be made available as a “limited edition” kit at the special price of $14.99. Click here if you would like to order the kit.

I am so excited about this girls and I pray that each of you follow the leading of your hearts as we strive always to make a difference in the time that we are given here on this earth. God’s richest blessings to each of you!! My love and prayers always, Mary @Sassy

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