Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good Morning, 
Here in Murfreesboro, TN it was a bit of a cool brisk start this morning.  
I've been away from the area for the past week enjoying the company of my family in Michigan.  Their weather is already cool and the colors pronounced that autumn is HERE.

This morning as I headed to the shop I entertained the thought that "Fall" is quickly approaching Tennessee's doorstep.  It wont be long and we too will have all those beautiful colors.

Now that I am back and I am getting my head back in the game - I wanted to continue with another idea for the month (October).  We have many layouts that are displayed throughout the store to help folks understand just what to do with product.  So I thought I would take one of my layouts that I did in the summer and give you an idea that you may not have thought of on your own.  Hope you enjoy it.
The paper I used is "Rusty Pickle", it's black and white and you add the color.

 I chose arrows and lines to work with - my pictures of my son and husband and silly string. 
Then I used my atyou Spica pens to color in the areas where I wanted color.  You can purchase the pens in sets or individually.  I like these pens because they are true-color which means the yellow is yellow even on grey paper and not mud.  They have real fine specks of glass in them for a little sparkle and they last 340 yards. They also coordinate well with copic markers for an added glitter look. 
Used as much color as I could until I was pleased.
To finish off my pages I used the clear cuts journaling pieces by Little Yellow bicycle.  First I matted them on white paper and then I used a slick writer to write my conversation.  This gave the look of the comic strip word bubbles or balloons.
Double matted my photographs on color cardstock and black cardstock to match the different Spica colors used in the back ground.  If you have seen any of my layouts you know that I also use pop dots.  I did it here as well to pop the pictures for added depth.
You've got to try this it was a lot of fun.  It is simple and easy enough for the kids to try their hand at it.  Anyone can do this with paper that just needs a bit of color.
That's all for now - Until the next one.  Enjoy!
If you should have any requests for "how too" - simple email the shop.  THANKS.
~ Julie ~

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