Friday, November 15, 2013

OK . . . so after ten years of running a scrapbook business I think I may have caught this "scrapbooking" bug!!   It first hit me in 2010 when we had three babies in 3 months, I have never been the same :) Those little people have inspired me beyond anything I thought possible.

But I digress . . . those little people have a way of making me do that!! 

So, one evening I find myself shuffling thru a scrapbook magazine, reading other people's favorite techniques and hints, when I come across a reference to a website with ideas for titles and journaling. Now I'm caught since I actually think of myself as more a "journaler with pictures" than a scrapbooker. I quickly find my computer, type in and immediately find a plethera of slang words (not all suitable for all ages) that spark ideas for titles and journaling.  This one in particular makes me smile . . . 

SLEEP TATOOS . . . the markings on the body from sleeping for an extended period of time, caused by blankets, clothing, or any other thing one would sleep on. Commonly found on the chest, face, and arms.

I am already picturing this scrapbook page in my mind. Now to get my camera and my victim!!

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Blake Martin said...

That's a really cool idea! i havent ever done scrap booking but i am into arts and crafts mostly painting and drawing and never thought of the idea of going to urban dictionary to get ideas great work :)