Wednesday, February 5, 2014

10 Things I LOVE about TN

Creating and Designing and Telling the Story

For the last 4 years my whole outlook on scrapbooking has evolved - thanks to my boss, co-worker and friend Mrs. Mary. She tells her story like no other person I know.  She's been an inspiration and encouragement for me to step out of my comfort zone and write.  If you have ever been to a retreat with her you know that she carries what seems to be 50 lbs. of journals, pictures, notes and pens/pencils.  Yes, she does scrapbook but her joy is the story and she can tell it.
Her most famous words,
"If you don't tell the story - WHO will?"
So I am writing it down...

10 THINGS I LOVE about Tennessee

1.) Family N Friends
Being here is a central location to all my family and I have a wonderful friend.

2.) Mild Weather
Tennessee weather is great. I love being able to plant flowers and the garden before JUNE.
3.) Central Time Zone
Tennessee Time Zones help us keep in touch with our family in the waking hours.
  4.) Old Barns
If these old buildings could speak - oh the stories they'd tell of days gone by and people who once made them part of their lives. They make beautiful picture ops and time and again they take me back to days of yesterday.
5.) Barbecue and Cole Slaw
This is one meal that I never had in MI but love the simplicity of it and oh it is good stuff.

6.) Dogwood Trees
This is my favorite flowering tree.

 7.) TN Hills
The hills are alive - amazing in every season all year long. I love to drive through them, hike them and just look at them. The beauty reveals the Awe and majesty of our great creator.

8.) Spring Flowers
Every year I wait for the spring flowers to pop through the earth. These yellow ones always scream to me "SPRING is on its way".

9.) Fall Colors
My MOST favorite time of the year is FALL. Every tree is different and beautiful in it's own way and I would take pictures of them all if I could.
10.) GREATest Scrapbook Store
We are so blessed here in middle Tennessee to have one of the states few remaining scrapbook stores where I have the greatest job ever.  Come see us - we'd love to share your stories and photos.

So there you have it - 10 THINGS I LOVE about Tennessee.
NOW your challenge - make a layout of the 10 THINGS you LOVE about your state.
Take a picture of it and post it.
Have a happy day!
Always designing and creating.
~ Julie ~


KnitterPam said...

Great post, Julie! I'm from MI too (Holland), but have lived down here for 25-ish years. I'd add catfish to your list - love it!

Kelly said...

had the pleasure of meeting Mary last weekend at a crop in the Memphis area. Hope to visit your store soon!!!