Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you a card Maker??

In the past years I've learned to be one.

I have a wonderful product for you.

We are making a lot of cards here at Sassy.
Toppers make them much easier and faster.
So I wanted to share with you one of them that uses
a FlowerSoft Card Topper.
What is FlowerSoft you ask????
Well, let me tell you.
FlowerSoft is a product that is flocking.
The company has designed beautiful card tops
that are so simple to impliment into your own work.
My card top is below.  
My husband liked this one cause it made him feel like he was in the country.
The FlowerSoft is on the pink flowering tree and the greenery in the back area.
It's amazingly simple to use.
Put the glue where you want the FlowerSoft, 
slightly tap it with your finger.
Let it dry and walla you have a beautiful card top.
My finished card - SIMPLE.
OK there is one more I want to share.
FlowerSoft also has a 3D image
that you just cut apart.
Use pop dots to adhere to back,
glue the FlowerSoft on
and Walla you are done.
Take a look.
I liked this one - it has less fussy cutting.
My finished card - SIMPLE. 
I hope you have enjoyed this
glimps into my Card world.
Sassy Scrapper has all the supplies you need to do these cards and many more.
Come see us - We'll leave the "OPEN" sign on for you.
~  Julie ~

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