Monday, March 31, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail 

Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail 

Hip-pity Hop, Hip-pity Hop

Easters on It's Way... 

Today, I want to share with you what I've been working on for one of my classes this month of April.  It was inspired by the little Easter song "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail".
One of my classes wanted to do a tear Bunny with Eggs.
Here it is.........

While working on the Layout some memories, old memories were stirred up and took me back to days gone by.

Do your layouts take you back? Do they stir emotions and memories? They should.

I remember that as a child, everyone in our family got new cloths for Easter Sunday, there was candy by the bucket loads and of course eggs - boiled, painted and pickled. My sister loved the pickled eggs while my brothers could not stand the smell let alone the thought of eating a purple/red egg. 
These thoughts make me smile.

What did you do in your family traditions at this time of the year?  Think about it - do you remember a song, a smell, something out of the ordinary or maybe just the ordinary?

Write it down.

"Tell your story - If you don't who will?" Mary Kumpf

Looking forward to Easter and Spring - April 20th this year.

~ Julie ~

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