Saturday, August 2, 2014

Altered Books and Mixed Media

Happy 60th/70th Birthday Mom and Dad

In June I took a trip with my son to Michigan and played a part in the grand surprise of my parents 60th and 70th Birthday Party.  My sister hosted a wonderful party for family and friends.  It was an incredible time to see all of our people together in one place.  My brother and his family came from South Carolina and my son and I from here (Tennessee).  My other brother who also lives in Michigan met us at our sister's beautiful lake home.


We pulled it off and mom and dad where none the wiser.  With 3 of us kids being military, it was the first time in nearly 20 years that all of us were in the same place at the same time. Mom/Dad just could not believe their eyes.  We spent the weekend enjoying each others company like old times, reminiscing and telling stories.  The cousins played hard and long.  It was wonderful.
All of that being said I wanted to encourage you to spend time with those you love.
TELL THE STORY... If you don't who will.

The altered book shown above is one of mom/dad's gifts I made.  It started out with simple pictures of their life. However, we quickly discovered that pictures were limited - MOM had them.  So the book evolved, as these things often do, into the History of a LIFE-TIME for over the past 60/70 years.

My son and I had an amazing time doing the research and putting the book together.  We learned about all the things that cover a LIFE-TIME.  He asked all kinds of questions and learned about the eras of cars, hair styles, clothing, technology and the inventions.  His grandma and grandpa seen a lot; even the FIRST man walk on the moon.  Then he asked if grandpa was around when the light bulb was invented.  I had to laugh and explain that grandpa was NOT that old.
Pictures below are a few of the pages...
HOW Things CHANGE - Do you remember any of these??
One of the "Remember WHEN" pages.
50's Inventions - EVER used any of these things???
Again I urge you "TELL YOUR STORY"

I am now working on my husbands mother and father's eras dating back to the 20's.

THINK about it...


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