Monday, November 3, 2014

You might LIKE it!!!!

If you lived through the 70's as I did, you probably remember the little boy pictured above. He came to my mind as I started writing this entry.

You see his name is Mikey.  His brothers figured that they would get him to try this "NEW" cereal cause he hates everything.  It turned out he liked it.  The Life cereal commercial became very popular in my early days, I remember it well.  I can even recall the saying that made this little boy famous.

What about you, do you remember?  I bet you do.....

..... "Hey, HE LIKES it.  Mikey, likes it."

See you do remember.

Well that being said I tried something "new" in October.  It's not a new cereal or anything like that.  I generally develop my photo prints just like everyone else - the same 4X6 prints each and every time.  However, for the OCT. LOTM I wanted to do something out of the ordinary.  Check it out.
I had my pictures printed in both color and black/white.  The color prints I added a graduated white boarder.

 - than I trimmed the bright area off and used BLACK paper to mat them on my page.  

The effect was perfect and I got just the look I wanted to achieve.

 You could say, "Hey, JULIE LIKES it,  She, really likes it."

You never know - try something NEW - step out you might just like it.

~ Julie ~

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